Weinstein Company Has Problems Beyond Harassment Claims

Even after growing reports of sexual harassment by movie producer Harvey Weinstein, and his subsequent removal from his namesake company, the Weinstein Company still faces other huge problems, NBC News reported.

Many see the company as short on financial firepower and clout. In recent years, the company found more success in television, but it still suffered. Its marquee series, “Marco Polo, was canceled by Netflix after less than two years. And Netflix is known for seldom killing its original programs.

When the company sought a major new investor for its TV business, Weinstein couldn’t get a bite. The industry viewed the TV operation — with an asking price reportedly as high as $900 million — as grossly overpriced.

The Weinstein Company was thrown into tumult when the New York Times reported last Thursday that Weinstein had been accused over nearly three decades of sexually harassing women, both inside and outside of his company. Before the company board fired the founder on Sunday, three of its directors resigned.

Published 39 minutes ago | Updated 49 minutes ago


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